The Farm

....32 acres to explore


An abundance of wildlife and jaw dropping vews across Dartmoor National Park

Lower Elsford Farm is stunningly located within the Dartmoor National Park, Devon. The farm is complete with indoor heated swimming pool, games room, high speed internet to each cottage (new in 2017) & children’s play area. We are located in an excellent position, allowing you to explore not only our 32 acres, but all parts of Devon, and in particular, the 368 square miles of Dartmoor National Park, renowned for its quaint villages, tumbling streams, dramatic scenery, wildponies and varied wild life.

OP1020215 optur 32 acres of grounds include an ancient stone row, our own mini granite Tor, five acres of rough moorland, two ponds and a tumbling stream. We are bordered to the West by Woodland Trust and Dartmoor National Park Woods. Indigenous Oak Trees are covered with lichen, demonstrating the purity of the air, whilst water is provided by our own natural Dartmoor spring.

Views from our fields are magnificent, stretching over Dartmoor to Hound Tor and Haytor rocks, and on a clear day as far as the coast at Berry Head, with glimpses of the sea. Wildlife abounds, including our own badger set, deer, foxes, buzzards, and in season the bluebells and snowdrops run riot.

Time does not seem to move quite so fast down here. Our interesting narrow and winding lanes help restrict the intrusion of unnecessary traffic. Peace and tranquillity is our speciality, whilst we still remain within easy travelling distance of many local attractions.


At the height of their productivity, a chicken will lay one egg a day, but will take a break from laying for part of the winter. Guests at Lower Elsford farm are free to help themselves to any eggs they find. Collecting and eating our fresh eggs is great fun and they are delicious poached for breakfast. We feed the chickens once a day, usually in the afternoon. Its great fun and all are welcome.


We have two feral cats, feral meaning ‘wild’. They live in the barn, and are our resident mouse catchers. Socks is black and white, and Scruffy is her sister. Scruffy is our pretty longhaired cat. She will normally keep her distance when she sees a stranger, or sometimes even her own shadow. If you are patient, Scruffy will roll over in front of you, but will run a mile when you bend to stroke her. Socks seems to have forgotten that she is wild. If she is in the mood she will roll over in front of you for a tummy tickle, and sometimes she may take you on a walk to the rocks.


We nearly always have some sheep here, and the flock normally comprises between fifty and eighty animals. In the mating season, the Ram's chest is colour marked to enable a regular check on progress with mating. The colour marking is changed every few weeks so that a prediction can be made of the lambing sequence. Sheep are inclined to be very inquisitive, and tend to assume that every one has come to feed them. They are therefore quite likely to follow you as a flock, and may even surround you, but only in a friendly way.

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